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Quality assurance and quality control

Quality is a pre-requisite of all projects we deliver. We pride ourselves on completing projects to the highest standards of finishing. We firmly believe in investing in the quality of our service to establish ongoing relationships with our clients and ensure our growth through their satisfaction.

Comhair’s projects are executed in line with all business regulations in Ireland. Each project is individual, and the Quality Control Plan will be tailored, implemented and carried to completion, through interaction and agreement with the Client.


Health & Safety

Comhair Developments is a fully insured and registered building Contractor in Ireland. We aim to provide the best customer service, whilst maintaining the strictest codes of safety practices for our own operatives, you and the general public.

Great care is taken to instill this as the primary concern to all our staff through internal training, safety review meetings and constant alignment with improvements and new introductions to Local and International Safety Standards and Regulations.


We firmly believe in the widespread motto that ‘No job is so important that you cannot take the time to do it safely’.

Our Guarantee

All of our works are covered under a 10 year Build Serve Structural Warranty

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